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SwimBee (Infant Safety Swimming Tube)

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SwimBee (Infant Safety Swimming Tube)


This Product is infant &children's safety swimming tube.

  1. Mom's tube and child's tube can be put freely seperating and combining.
  2. This product is the first 3 in 1 Baby Tube freely available
  3. SwimBee infant's Tube includes a removable sun shields. Therefore in the outdoor pool, this product can protect child from the hot sun of the beach and of course helps to protect the skin.
  4. Shoulder belt, belly straps and backrest.

SwimBee infant Tube unlike ordinary children tube.
SwimBee infant Tube have shoulder belt, belly straps and backrest. so, children can be easily attached in the water, does not tip over easily in the water, and also children are free and smooth use hand and foot in the water.
SwimBee is designed to be Ergonomics.